How to change the Type of a column without changing the content

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I am trying to change the column type. it should be Boolean Value, but some other values come in chaining the type to “?”. So I would need to / want to change the type to “String”, however, I don’t know how. I used the node “column expressions”, but don’t know hot to configure it. They way I did configure it, gives me an error
“No converter for column type ‘Non-Native [DataValue, Nominal]’ of column ‘Match Found’ exists.”

Hi @Cal_Steffen , can you show what your input data table looks like as I have not been able to reproduce that error message with Column Expressions even by forcing the table to contain an “unknown” data type. Which version of KNIME are you using?

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Did you try the Column Auto Typecast node? That would be my first move.


Hi all
The Auto Typecast is solving my problem - Thanks so much.
Sharing the input data is tricky, since it is my credit card statements :money_mouth_face:
I have tried to create a training data set to share, but I have not gotten to the point where I get the output at the same place with the same issues. At this point it created more work to create a training data set then using the Auto Type Cast and be done with it.
Thank you for your support!


Hello @Cal_Steffen,

Yes, I agree with @iCFO.

You can visit the KNIME Community Hub and easily drag and drop from there. Additionally, I’ve attached a link for your reference.

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