How to change the type of a port on a custom node?

Hi, I try to create my custom node. I can manipulate the number of inputs and outputs, but how do I change its type?

I saw on GitHub that there was a line added to the XML NodeNameNodeFactory.xml in the <ports> tag:

<dynInPort insert-before="0" name="File system connection"
			group-identifier="File System Connection">
			The file system connection.

(I need it to be a File system port)

But that does not seem to change the type.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi @Nikol,

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You were actually looking in the right package, but in the wrong class. Take at the NodeFactory knime-base/ at master · knime/knime-base · GitHub.

This is the special case if you want dynamic ports. If you want to use static ports, all you need to do is to extend the PortObject[] constructor in the NodeModel, see here:


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Hi! Thank you for your answer,

I changed the NodeModel and NodeFactory accordingly (used the second example). But how do I make the input port File System port (which could read data from the SSH Connector node)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Nikol,

In that case you need to use FileSystemPortObject.TYPE

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