How to Change Tomcat port to Domian name name

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I’m running tomcat application with Knime in AWS serverr.
Trying to access Knime application with ip address ( http://Ip-address:8080) I want to convert to ip address into Web url domain name (

Is there any way to access from web url without mentioning port number (

Let us know if you required more details



Thank you for contacting KNIME regarding this issue. My understanding is that you would like to:

  • use a domain name (e.g. http://<domain>:8080/knime); and
  • omit the port number (e.g. http://<domain>/knime).

Am I also correct in thinking that you would prefer to attempt to:

  • omit the webapp portion (e.g. http://<domain>/)?

If this is correct, please confirm and I will research if these options can be configured.

Please provide the following for additional information/troubleshooting:

  • What operating system is your KNIME software running on?
  • What version(s) of KNIME Server (KS) and KNIME Analytics Platform (AP) are being used?

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With the release of the new webportal, deploying KNIME Server to the ROOT context is no longer supported. There are many ways to accomplish this auto-redirect, however. I’ve listed two that havebeen tested on 4.12 KNIME Server on both HTTP and HTTPS.

The workarounds below seem to work:

  1. Replace the index.jsp with the following contents, replacing ‘localhost’ with the server name/dns name:

<% response.sendRedirect("http://localhost:8080/knime"); %>

  1. If you want to redirect the ROOT (servername:8080) to servername:8080/knime, then you could add the following line the the /webapps/ROOT/index.jsp

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=/knime"/>

It will redirect the ROOT to the knime webapp.

We have tried both options, and prefer the first. The second will land on the old page, then redirect, so you see the Tomcat page, and that could be confusing (or annoying).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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