How to check Excel file (in PC) is updated contents and if yes(its updated), continues send email.

Hi everyone,
Need some help.

I am working to create a snippet script. The purpose of the script is to check contents in the excel file (in PC) are updated (changed from the previous file after the user copies the new file overwrites it) or not… if the file was changed (updated), let send the email to users BUT if not, let the script end(do nothing)

I think we will use node “Table switch” to select the decision result(input)? or another node would help to solve this?
Thanks for your time and help. :grinning:

Here is my wiring. :thinking:

@cppong maybe you can take inspirations from these solutions / components:


Thanks @mlauber71 let me walk thru the post that you recommended and gonna get back if there is the solution for me. Thanks again. :grinning:

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