How to check when my knime server version will be end of support

Hello everyone.

I want to know how to check the knime server’s end of support date ,
so before the end of support date , I will make a plan to upgrade knime server.

Thanks in advance.

Good Morning Ryu,

thank you for your message.

The end of support is 24 months after the release.
Below is our current table for reference.

KNIME Server Version KNIME Executor Version KNIME Release (Start of Support) End of Technical Support (Release date + 24 month) End of Security Patches and Bug Fixes (Current and last 2 versions)
4.16.* 4.7.* 2022-12-06 2024-12-06
4.15.* 4.6.* 2022-06-16 2024-06-16
4.14.* 4.5.* 2021-12-06 2023-12-06
4.13.* 4.4.* 2021-06-30 2023-06-30 EOS with 4.16 release

We hope that helps, in case you have further questions please let us know.

Thank you and best regards,

Alexander Klos
Head of Support


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