How to clear widgets on re-execution

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I’m developing a webportal application, and in one of the latter components I ask the user to input comments about parameters, which they select one by one using a single selection node. I use the re-execution event to update the view to display information about the selected parameter - including saved comments. These comments are displayed and edited via string widgets. Setting default values works fine for the first time the component is executed, but once the user has inputted something the re-executions won’t overwrite it. Does anyone know how I could clear user inputs from widgets on re-execution? I’ve attached a screenshot of a sample component below. Essentially upon refresh I would like the “overwritten by wizard” to be undone, and “a” to replace “test” in the display.

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Hi MPersin,

Widgets are designed to push the currently inserted values downstream when triggered by either the “apply and close,” the next button, or (the latest) by the refresh button widget node. To reset the default values, check the option Reset Workflow(s) before uploading the workflow to the server.

Keerthan Shetty


Hi Keerthan,

Thank you for your response. Just to clarify this, so when you click the refresh button there is no way to clear the inserted values after pushing them downstream (i.e. so the user can enter a new set of values)?

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Once you click the refresh button, it will push the currently inserted value downstream, if you want to clear the inserted value, you can create multiple paths, so when one path is selected the other one is bought back to the default state. Below is a small example of how it looks:



Thank you very much for your help

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