How to color a bar chart?

Hi there,

I am following the 66 days of data challenge and on day #34 you should color a bar chart.

I simply do not understand why the bar chart does NOT work exactly the same like the other charts.

Some other charts prior to this task have been “simply assigned” to a Color Manager Node where I created a color per artist (from the Spotify dataset). So all - Donut Chart, Table View and Tile View - took over these colors but the bar chart does not.

Not really understanding why?

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Hi @kowisoft,

you have a very good point. Working with colors in the current bar chart (link following) is a bit tricky and requires some effort to get the colors right.

We have been (and are) working hard on improving our visualizations and have a new set of visualization nodes that will be more responsive when configuring and bring a lot of other improvements; maybe give that bar chart a try:

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Thank you Marvin. #

I tried the new bar chart node, but quite honestly, that only made it worse. It did not only not take the colors from the color manager but it also now turns the figures upside down with no clear option to resort.

Somehow, this seems to be counterintuitive to me - if all the other charts “simply” need to be connected to the color manager node, why does it not work for such a simple thing (in a users view) like the bar chart?

I also do not understand where the additional options for the plot went? Nice that this is a simple node, but are the labels and the headings really the only things I can edit as plot options?

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