How to combine 2 columns as one column?

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I am trying to create a new column which it combines the 2 columns (already existed in the xlsx data).
The first column is “ontime” which includes value NULL and OT. The second column is “delay” which contains value “NULL” and “D”. If a row has the value NULL from column ontime and D from column delay then the new column should show the value “delay”.

  Ontime    Delay              **NEW COLUMN**
   NULL        D                 **Delay**
   NULL        D                 **Delay** 
   OT          NULL               **NULL**
   NULL        D                 **Delay**


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HI @ppeng

You can use a Rule Engine node for this when using expression:

$Delay$ = "D" => "**Delay**"
TRUE => "**NULL**"


thanks a lot @ArjenEX!

Is it possible to exclude the two “old” Columns and only leave the new created column.
Since “Onetime” and “Delay” contain similar information. (When the order is ontime then its not delay)

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You can use a column filter node afterwards with the enforced exclusion of those two columns.

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Hi @ArjenEX

if I would like to count the rows which show only “Delay”, which Node should I use? I tried the Group By Node but I came out with the output with alle counts.

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I’d just add a constant column and count that one based on the grouping of the output column.


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Alternatively if NULL is really missing then column merger node could be an option too.

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