How to combine column data based on rules

Hello all. I am trying to combine columns based on a set of rules.
I want to turn this,
Column. Column A. Column B.
A. S. R.
B. S. R.
C. S. P.
D. S. P.

Into this,
Column. Column A. Column B.
A., B. S. R.
C., D. S. P.

So if the contents of Culumn A and Column B match, create a comma separated cell for the contents in “Column”

Any help?

Hi @watsonchris45 and welcome to the forum.

How about the GroupBy node?

With a table like this:

2020-02-26 13_35_23-Manually created table - 5_333 - Table Creator

In the GroupBy node configuration, I can group on column 1 and column 2. Then, under the Manual Aggregation tab, set the ID column to have aggregation of type List. Results:

2020-02-26 13_37_15-Group table - 5_334 - GroupBy


Worked perfect! Thank you!


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