How to combine columns of two different csv files

I have two different csv files. and I want to combine columns of two different csv files.

I want to combine the two csvs like this to make one.
Which method should I use?
thank you.


You can use the “Joiner” node to connect two tables through their IDs.

The prerequisite is to first use the “CSV Reader” node to read two tables separately, and then use the “Joiner” node to connect them.


Hi @huijeong and welcome to the community,

it looks from the scribbles you provided that both tables / csv’s have a unique identifier (the first column).

As @tomljh rightfully said: the Joiner Node is your friend here.

In addition, if you only want to add columns WITHOUT a unique identifier, you could also do a Column Appender Node. This is a very simple node which simply appends columns to the right without the need to deal with Join settings (although they are really easy in KNIME).


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