How to combine multiple csv as multiple columns

I habe multiple csv files, each having the same columns and rows, like:

Time Pwr1 Pwr2
1:00 100.0 50.9
2:00 150.5 86.6
3:00 200.4 45.2

Time Pwr1 Pwr2
1:00 120.4 54.5
2:00 230.4 45.3
3:00 245.1 23.8

I want to create a new csv file with the following scheme:
Time Pwr1(file1) Pwr1(file2)
1:00 100.0 120.4
2:00 150.5 230.4
3:00 200.4 245.1

With “List Files” → “Table Row To Variable Loop Start” → “File Reader” → “Loop End” I get
Time Pwr1
1:00 100.0
2:00 150.5
3:00 200.4
1:00 120.4
2:00 230.4
3:00 245.1

I have tried several examples and solutions, but have not yet come to a satisying solution.

Any suggestion and hint is appreciated.


Dear @dbuechner,

“Loop end” should be replaced by “Loop End (Column Append)”.
Make sure that all files have the same no. of rows and the same order of times, as the time column is extracted from the first file.

Please find the wkf attached.
Z_033_col append.knwf (30.1 KB)

Hope that helps, Tommy


Dear @tommy,

this is awesome.
You’ve solved more than one of my problems, even without knowing.
The if-loop for the time column is extremely helpful.

Everything works like a charm.

Thank you!


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