How to combine the same columns of two table?

Hi,I want to ask which node can get the result that How to combine the same columns of two table.such as the same chemical_formula, I want to combine the two table of the chemical_formula.

Hi @zero , can you show us what the 2 tables are, and how the combination should look like?

I want to combine the same formular from the two table to one table

Hi @zero , thank you for sharing how the 2 tables look like.

You can use the Concatenate node to do what you are trying to do

What should the final (combined) table structure be? Only the chemical_formula column? If not, I see some columns missing from one table, and other columns missing from the other table, so I’m not sure how the structure should look like. For example, the column smiles is only in one table, and the retention columns from each table are different.

Try using the Concatenate node, and play around with Column Filter as needed (before or after the Concatenate node)

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Ok,thank you very much

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