How to combine two different dimension tables for processing


I want to extract the lines of table 1 which contains atleast one word of table two how to extract this

How to combine these two to process


The simplest solution to use Rule-based Row Filter node.
$col0$ like “price” => TRUE
$col0$ like “touch” => TRUE
$col0$ like “price” => TRUE


this is the small table and I want to specify col0(table1) Like column1(table2) in this way


Could you upload the examples. It would make evaluating the problem easier.


You can achieve your goal by Tagging and Filtering. Here is an example workflow. Hope it helps.
FilterByTagging.knwf (16.2 KB)


Based on MH example I’d like to hint KNIME development team on interface consistency. In Row Splitter for contains wildcards or regular expression check boxes needs to be changed to radio buttons.