How to compare strings in excel and input cells

Hello everyone.

I am trying to compare two columns in excel to look for a matching string. One table will be the master key and the other is test data that I will be evaluating. The goal is to compare a code ID from the test data to the master key in order to retrieve said code’s meaning and description, which is hosted in the master data. Is it possible to go through and compare cells from one sheet to another sheet within the same excel document and then input data hosted next to the master key’s code ID?

Table 1

This is an example of the master key table. The Code column is what will be checking against the second table. The next two rows is the corresponding description for each code, and what I would like to insert into the other sheet when a matching code ID is found.

Table 2

This is the test data table. Once corresponding IDs are found in the master key table I would like to input the description into the columns with the red arrows.

Is this something that is achievable? Or is this outside the realm of KNIME’s capability?
Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Read your 2 tables in KNIME and use Join node with inner join option on Code field.


Thank you for the fast response! Worked wonders.

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