How to Concatenate records with different columns so that they remain in the same row

Hello friend, I have two tables that have different columns but when I concatenate them, having different columns does not leave the information in a single row.

and I want this

I know you say that with a Joiner, but I don’t want this:

Because, I have two tables that have 16 records each and when performing the JOINER it creates 256 rows and so I don’t want the rows to be multiplied but instead I want 32 rows to be left, that is, to add them.

@Aprins It’s a bit complicated to answer your question without knowing the details.

What is your input data (both tables)?
What shall be achieved in terms of output?


Hello @knimediger What is your input data (both tables)? // Yes, both are tables

What must be achieved in terms of production? I have information about the previous month and the current month, both tables have the same structure, and what I want is to compare the value of the column, for example called LONG TERM, of the current month with the previous month.

Hi @Aprins.

I think a joinner node and a groupby is your solution.
Can you attach your two tables for us to have a look?


@hmfa If I do a joiner it multiplies so if I have 16 on one side and 16 on the other side when doing the joiner it appears 256 records and I don’t want that, I want them to continue being 16 records but I want to identify the column for example LONG TERM of the table 1 and the LONG TERM column of table 2 in the same row…

I don’t know if I make myself understood

Your columns need to have the same name
look for different spelling or whitespace characters in your payment col

Please attach your two tables.

As you see from all the responses here there is no clear understanding of your requirements.
So may I kindly ask you again to

  • attach your two source tables (you can fill dummy data as long as it’s reasonable data)
  • attach the required output (from the attached source tables)

This enables all of the supporting volunteers to give qualified answers

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