How to configure Python for the KNIME executor?


I have installed the KNIME server and executor according to the documentation. The workflow my users want to run remotely complains about Python being Python 2 instead of Python 3 and some missing packages, which should be provided by conda.

To the best of my knowledge, I have to configure the KNIME workflow to “push” an Eclipse configuration where conda is used; and to configure the executor to use the pushed configuration. I have done this by adding to /opt/knime_server/knime_executor/knime.ini:


I created at /opt/knime_server/workflow_repository/config/client-profiles/conda36/conda36.epf:

#Tue Jun 23 12:25:37 BRT 2020

Restarted KNIME server, tried the workflow, and it still complains about Python being 2.

Could someone help me setup my executor correctly?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Renato,

If you are using qpid or distributed executors, a restart of the executor service should pick up those changes. On restart, the knime.log file in the executor workspace should show it connecting and pulling down the preferences.

Please let me know if this does not resolve your issue.