How to configure RadioButtonPanel

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I am currently using RadioButtonPanel on my development for GUI. However, I am a bit lost with configuring it. Please see image below for your reference.

How will I align the options Plan A and Plan B into horizontal? It is currently in vertical alignment. And how will I bring it to the top-middle of the dialog? It is always on the left upper corner.
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Hi @Gambit,

Which DialogComponents are you using?
If you use DialogComponentButtonGroup you can choose between horizontal and vertical alignment.
It’s easiest to use if your dialog extends DefaultNodeSettingsPane that also takes care of the layouting.


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Hi @gab1one ,

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I used NodeDialogPane. If I will change it to DefaultNodeSettingsPane, I might change big part on my codes. Maybe I will use it for my next node extension development. But for now, I need to figure out how to configure the RadioButtonPanel.

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