How to configure the "CSV to Spark" node?

Hi all,

I’ve got a few questions regarding the “CSV to Spark” node.

I need to load a normal CSV file, but there’s no chance to see the list of files in the S3 directory I use (the S3 connector has been correctly activated).

I read in the description of the node that I can choose between file and directory, through the mode option. But I can’t see such an option in the configuration page (see picture below).

The only working option is to call a directory, but when I run the node I get two types of error.

  1. If I simply insert the directory in which I have the CSV file on S3, this is the message I receive:

  1. If I enter the spark directory created in S3, this is the other error message:

Using a common “CSV reader” node, the file is correctly loaded from S3, as you can see in the picture below:

In the following (last) picture you can see the parameters of the “CSV to Spark” node:

So where’s the problem? Why I can’t read a CSV file? Any clue?

Thanks for your patience,

Hi @alberto_trobia,

As far as I remember, you have to specify the bucket name in the path, something like /my-bucket/perspark/ in the CSV to Spark node. Does this work? If not, the console might contains more details about the Problem.


Hi Sascha, and thanks again for your help!

“perspark” is the name of the bucket, the one that contains the csv file. The bucket has been selected through the “browse” button.

What do you mean by “console”? I’m afraid I can’t read a console. What am I supposed to search for?


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