How to connect a QuickBooks database

This is my first database that I'm trying to connect.  I downloaded the OBDC driver but it appears that the files are not in *.JAR or *.ZIP to be accepted in the Preference section to load additional database driver files.  Actually I zipped the entire OBDC driver file and was able to load it into the Preference section for adding database files....but in the log file I get a "WARN   NO  DATABSE CONNECTION AVAILABLE"

As I am only a accountant with very little experiece with Knime any help would be appreciated.





Unless you manually export your data from quickbooks, I think you will need to find a jdbc driver to use.  I did a quick google seach and found a commercial one from RSSbus (  

I can't endorse it without having tried it, but it looks like a promising option and it has a free trial so you can at least give it a try to see if it gets the job done.

 Regards,  Aaron

thank you...i think I got it working

I am using the connection jdbc by rssbus.  I am having trouble pulling back more than 500 rows in any of the larger tables.  At 501 rows this is the error:  Execute failed:  Encountered duplicate Row Id "Row0" at row number 501.  Is there a way to control the row ID numbering sequence?


the problem is related to the rssbus jdbc connection which reports the wrong row id when fetching the data from the database. We are planning to add an option where the user can choose which rowid should be used with one of the next releases.



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Thank you for the update.  Is there a possible work around at this time?


Reading the help pages from RSS bus.  A Where clause on the Date field can limit the number of rows below 500.

SELECT * FROM Bills  WHERE date > '1/1/2014' AND date < '4/1/2014'  

If the table does not have a Date field the TimeModified field can be used

SELECT * FROM Bills WHERE TimeModified > '1/1/2011' AND TimeModified < '2/1/2011' can be used.