How to connect to an access database protected with MDW

Hello everyone,
I have been using UCanAccess to connect to access databases without protection easily, However, I need to connect now to an access database protected with a system database MDW.

I found the following solution in google but I do not know how to implement it in order to be used inside knime. Could anybody help me?

Google solution:

UCanAccess uses Jackcess to read and write the Access database file, and Jackcess does not use the Workgroup information file (.mdw) to open encrypted Access files (such as those to which User Level Security has been applied).

Instead, Jackcess uses Jackcess Encrypt, which in turn uses the encryption library from Bouncy Castle. So, to open an encrypted Access file with UCanAccess you need to …

(1) Add the Jackcess Encrypt and Bouncy Castle libraries to your project, specifically

jackcess-encrypt-2.1.1.jar (or newer)
bcprov-jdk15on-153.jar (or newer)

(2) Add your own custom "Opener" class to your project as described on the "Getting Started" page of the UCanAccess site, and

(3) Add the jackcessOpener= parameter to your connection URL, e.g.,

this . datasources [‘testdb’]={




it seems you need to write your own JackcessOpenerInterface implementation and then bundle it with the original driver. Once this is done you need to put the new driver together with the two additional libraries (jackcess-encrypt-2.1.1.jar bcprov-jdk15on-153.jar) into a folder. You then need to register this folder via the KNIME Preferences (see screenshot). Finally use a connection string like the following in the Database Connector node: jdbc:ucanaccess://Z:/SQL_DATA/Mdaemon.mdb;jackcessOpener=yourPackage.example.CryptCodecOpener
Now KNIME is using your driver with its own OpenerInterface.