how to connect to any public database so I can do some basic querying

Hi, I am new here. How to connect to any public database so I start doing some querying on it

Hi @shiks, welcome to the community!

Public databases normally came as text files (txt,csv) or sometimes put it into a rest request (http).

So, if came from online files, you can bring it using “CSV reader node” for example or some IO file option node.

If you’ll bring from an Url, you can use “http retriever node”, setting the path to the data/webpage and the result will be the information. Here you maybe transforme it to something practical, manual to transformation as you need.

If you can bring here your need as a dummy example, we can help you more, ok?



So I want to get this dataset from this gov url

what would you do use this dataset directly in KNIME using the URL or API

THIS IS the error I’m getting

Hi again!

Well, if you opened the webpage, you can see different kind of files to use it.

Original URL:

They creat links for anyone use it.

IF you’d like to open as CSV file, you need to set the right link:

With csv reader node, you can use it setting the file as custom/Kinme URL path as the image below:

For others from this community, you can see that the page offers json file and other sources to be imported as you need, knime have other options to it too.

SO, it works for me, I hope that it helps you too.

BR, Denis


I tried your link
still getting this error, what can be the reasons

Which version of knime you works? I’m using 4.7.4 and run at first charge.

If you open the page, you see the link to csv file. Can you download from there directly? maybe you have a proxy/block conditions from your computer to the internet files.

Try deleting this node and add a new one too.

BR, Denis

it was some extension blocking it. it works now thanks

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OK, so you can set solved for this task, ok?



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