How To Connect To Local SQLite database?

Dear all,

so far I have been using the database nodes for accessing mysql databases without any problems. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to connect to a sqlite database.

I already tried to install/set up two different sqlite drivers, but could not really figure out how to do it correctly.

The second unclear issue is then how to connect to the sqlite file on my local computer.


Thank you very much and keep up the good work!


As soon as you have registered the sqlite.jar in the the KNIME preference, you can select the corresponding driver implemention "org.sqlite.JDBC" within the Database nodes and connect to your database using jdbc:sqlite:C:/my.db as URL pointing to your file.

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This helped me to get connected to my sqlite db file but I'm not sure which node to use to select the table content to plot a graph. please do suggest, though I'm trying but of no use. thanks.

If the node is green, you can simply append any node, for example those from the Data View category to visualize your data. What kind of graph are you thinking about?

Thanks Gabriel, I'm trying to learn and use so many different nodes provided with KNIME- and the videos are helpful too - but to make it simple and easy I'm bit lost. What I need is to connect to the database, apply a query (as you suggested in other post to make SELECT statement) and plot the data onto could be a pie/line graph.