How to connect to MS sql server?


I use MS SQL server 2012, I have Java 8.
I’m having trouble in connecting to SQL server.

I have tried many times going through different threads in the forum, no use, they are very lame and confusing.
So please don’t paste those links.

I know I need to have the Jars but I don’t now which version it should be for Java8 and Knime3.3.1
Please give me the steps that I should follow.


Hi Nagaraja_Ganiga,

What’s the error KNIME Analytics Platform is providing? Could you please share the log file? <knime.workspace>.metadata\knime\knime.log

As pointed by Tobias in a previous post, the Database Documentation page describes how to connect to a database in KNIME. The driver must support at least JDBC 4.0. If the JDBC driver requires additional files such as dlls you need to make sure that they use the same architecture as your KNIME installation e.g. 64/32 bit.
For MS SQL you can use the Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server which should also work for MS SQL Server 2012.


Thanks for the reply Vincenzo.

Knime.txt (13.8 KB)

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