How to connect to MSSQL database

I know this question has probably been answered, but I’m a little confused. I just downloaded KNIME today to test it out and am trying to create a workflow by connecting to a MSSQL database. I have the Microsoft SQL Server Connector on the canvas, filled out the hostname with the IP of the server, port, database name as well as the username/password to log into the DB. I also downloaded the Official Driver for Microsoft SQL Server and set that for the driver. However when I click Apply/OK, it does not connect. The widget on the canvas still has a yellow light below it and if I try to connect the DB Query Reader it tells me “Please provide a valid input connection”.

Any ideas for a newbie?

EDIT: I should have mentioned that I also followed the instructions outlined here as well but still no luck.

@zebulajams Welcome to the forum.

Can you please share your configuration dialog ? Maybe you aren’t defining the Driver Name ? It should connect without any issues. I also have a couple of production workflows connected to MSSQL server with this config (hosts and names are just for example purposes):

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