How to connect to Oracle database

Hi all,
apologize me I’m nob in this world, and I’m trying to move some steps on it.

I’m trying to create a node to retrieve data from one table stored in Oracle DB.
But 'm not able to do anything.
I’ve read a couple of post on how to do that, but I’m not able.
I can’t understand why my oracle driver is empty, and I can’t understand how to update it.
Is it this the right way or not. If you have any suggestions you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi there Luigi,

welcome to KNIME Community Forum!

First you need to register Oracle JDBC driver and then you can use Oracle Connector node to connect to database after which you use other database nodes depending on your need. Here is link to Database Extension Guide where you will find all necessary information how to connect to Oracle Database, read data, write new data and other operations regarding databases. Guide is for newest, 4.0, KNIME version. Take a look, try it out and if any question feel free to ask.

Additionally here is link to KNIME Hub where you can search KNIME nodes and workflows which a good starting point. Also here is a link to KNIME E-learning course for beginners which you might find useful.

Happy KNIMEing!



Hi Ivan,
Thanks o lot for your quick Help.
With your suggestions, I’ve linked my Oracle db in a knime node!

Best regards
Luigi :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

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