How to convert a date coming in Excel under number format showing like 43918 to date?

Team, I am receiving from Excel a date format showing like: 43918 instead of dd/mm/yyyy format.

Has any of you faced this before and how to fix it without going back to the Excel and selecting the option of ShortDate?

Thanks to all!

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Hi; maybe you can find an option to help by examining the nodes here.

Sounds like this:

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Dates in excel are serial numbers, essentially 43918 is the number of days since the beginning of time, which for Excel starts at 1900-01-01. So you can add 43918 days to the date 1900-01-01 to arrive at the correct date of 2020-03-29.

The date calendar in Excel starts on January 1st, 1900 . As far as Excel is concerned this day starts the beginning of time.

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Guys, we found out the solution. We used following nodes:

Number to String and then String to Date.

It was really simple after all. Thanks for the help though.

@bve let me know if this here helps.


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