How to convert string to date format

Hi, I’m confused about converting string data to date data. I have string data showing dates, but I’m confused about how to convert it to date format.

what node should I use to change it?

Check this out.


Thank you so much @rfeigel

Hi @wisnupo , you may be interested in the following component that I built based on some of the ideas presented in the post that @rfeigel mentioned.

The component attempts to convert any date. It just needs to be told what order to expect d, M, y in the string and tries to resolve it based on that information. It additionally includes a cutoff for how to treat 2 digit years.

… And that post in turn followed on from this post… For anybody who wants to geek out on date conversions :rofl:


Yes thank you @takbb. I will use this component.

I’ve tried your component, and it’s really cool. I can finally change my data format.

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thanks @wisnupo . Glad to hear it’s working :slight_smile: