How to convert the rows in input table into column in output table

Dear Team,

We are supposed to create a Node in KNIME with 2 input ports, where the first port will take a take an input table and second port will take a query table. The structure of the output table will be the input table with one additional column for each row in the second input table i.e. query table, where the number of rows is always different depending upon the number of query molecule.

But when creating the node, the NodeModel configure(DataTableSpec[]) method is called which takes the DataTableSpec type of parameter. Is there a way we can get the number of rows for the query molecule table so that the specification of the output table is created while configure method is called. 

Kindly let me know you require any further information.

Thanks in advance for your help.

This is not possible. You cannot query the number of columns in configure. In such cases it is valid to return null as DataTableSpec (an array with a null entry). But keep in mind that subsequent nodes cannot be configured as long as the node is not fully executed.