How to convert ticks into date&time


I have date&time in Ticks format (i.e. 3042.32788085937, as far as the raw data column suggests that it in Ticks) and would like to convert it into proper date&time format, but cannot find any node that can help with it… Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

If you could point to a document which explains what the Ticks format is, it would be likely simple to write a conversion.

Here’s explanation how to convert ticks to date$time

Hmm… but the OP is asking about converting to a “proper date&time” - Ticks wouldn’t start to cross into the day following the epoch until they were greater than 86400000000000 (and also OP is giving a Tick example as a decimal value…) … @Odko - are you really expecting a date? are you really using values that have significant value after the decimal?


Hi Quaeler,
Thanks for the reply! Indeed, it is quite strange. I checked whether this type of value could be converted to Date&time, but it doesn’t work at all. This is electrocardiogram data which was recorded on 29 March 2019, around 14:54:00. During the data export the software somehow converted it into this format and automatically named as Ticks…
Please see the screeenshot attached FYI.

Thank you, izaychik63.
As quaeler mentioned, it is about converting into Date&Time format, rather into timespan.

That it is EKG data is helpful; assuming that a “Tick” is 3 seconds, taken from Loyola here:

We can calculate time elapsed; that being said, three thousand Ticks is still only a few hours - so it is like these Tick values you see represent, for example, the time elapsed since the EKG data collection was started - definitely not a date, and probably not even a time (unless this example of data collection was taken at 2.30am).

I’m attaching a workflow which lets you specify either date, or date and time, of the start of the data collection run, and which then produces the absolute date-time based on the Tick values. Attaching a screenshot of the results and workflow as well.

odko’s ticks.knwf (14.3 KB)


Hi Quaeler,
Thanks a lot for the help and the knime flow! This helps a lot!


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