how to copy text from interactive view?(mac)


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In macOS, it seems not works. Command-C also not works.


Hi @HaveF ,

Curios to know, if command+c is working on a notepad?
If it doesnโ€™t, go to Keyboard settings in System Preferences and:

Please find the reference link below on how to troubleshoot copy command issues on Mac.

macos - Command+C (copy) with the left command key does not work - Ask Different

Please do let us know for any further questions.

Nagarjun S

Hi, @nagarjun36

Thanks for your help, but without luck.

I do suppose it is not the system setting problem, because I can copy/paste nodes in KNIME.

I suspect I find the root cause just now, when I change setting to second option(Bundled Chromium Browser), it can be copied!


CEF will be update from time by time, right?

Hi @HaveF, yes, any issues with CEF we are trying to solve as soon as possible and update it accordingly. May I ask what KNIME Analytics Platform version you are using? And what macOS-version do you have?

hi, @hornm

I use macOS(12.0.1), latest version of KNIME(4.5.1), and CEF version is

CEF binaries for Chromium SWT Browser Equo

Btw, I just suspect the CEF, but not sure about it. Do we run some JS script after CEF start? If so, the script is also questionable.

Hi @HaveF,

we can reproduce it and itโ€™s a CEF problem indeed. We are still investigating and will provide a fix as soon as possible.


@hornm Thatโ€™s nice. :+1: :+1:

Btw, another bug report: you can just keep it in your internal issue system. This bug exists long time ago, although it is not functional. :grinning:
The outline panel display with loops in Mac:

Have a nice day! :smiley:

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