How to count all values in a column above a defined value

Hello all,

Is it possible to count all values in a column who are for example above 0.5?

I tried it with the Value Counter but it didn’t work the way I need it.

Anyone got any Ideas?


an option could be defining a new column with 1 or 0 whenever the value you’re checking is above (1) or under (0). Then all you have to do is to usa a group by node and compute a SUM over the new column.
The number you’ll get will be the count you are looking for.



Hi, I would use the Rule-Based Row Filter node to filter out the values 0.5 or below. The remaining rows would then be the ones you need. Just hover the mouse to the Row ID column to check for the count value, which in this case would be the total number of rows left.

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