How to count the frequency of repeated data in Knime?

Hii guys, please help me with this, Im working on my project and Ive been stuck for quite a long time ><

What should I do, If I want to count how many repeated values in knime? All my values are in separated columns and rows.

For example, this is what I currently have:

| Apple | Watermelon | Apple | Banana |
| Banana | Banana | Apple | Watermelon |
| Watermelon | Banana | Watermelon | Apple |
|Apple | Apple | Watermelon | Banana |

The output I need is :

|Apple |6 |
|Banana |5 |
|Watermelon |5 |

Which node should I use, and how do I use it? Thankyou so much!

Welcome to the forum @KainLittleCloth.

There are probably a few ways to do this. What comes to mind first is using an Unpivoting node so that you have all the values in a single column, then a GroupBy node which aggregates using Count.




An example workflow is here.


Hi there! thankyou so much !! i managed to find out how to do for unpivoting table!

But i could not solve how am i able to count the data using group table node?

Thankyou so much!! after some tries using your method, I got the output i wanted!! Appreciate your time a lot :)) Have a good day! ^^


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