How to count word occurence in a column type colection

Hi guys, I have a table with a column type collection. I need to get the frequency of each word.
Col1 Col2
0 (aa,bb,cc)
1 (cc)
2 (bb, dd, ee, ff)
3 (aa, cc)

Output must be:
aa 2
bb 2
cc 3
dd 1
ee 1
ff 1

Hi eferro,

you can use Palladian’s Corpus Creator node for that (just filter out the #DOCS row which gets automatically created):

Find an example workflow on my public NodePit Space:

Hope this helps!


@eferro So, did it work?

Hello there,

another way is to use Ungroup followed by Value Counter node.


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Yes gays, it works. Thank you! Sorry for the delay.


Superb, great to hear :+1:

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