How to create a proportion according to two dfferent row column value.

Hello Everybody,
I would like to add to this table a column wich represent the proportion of count*(id_salarié) by services ( commercial, compta,marketing, etc)

For exemple : for the Row 0, i would like that the new column give me the proportion that représent 9 count ( “count*(id_salarié)” column) in regard to the total amount of count (Row0 and Row1 = 9+17 =16) for this service ( Commercial).

Thank you verry much in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @ThomasAmb33 ,

here’s what you can do:

  • use another group by node to repeat the same calculation but without the column “Sexe” (in this way, you’ll fild the subtotal for column “Service” you’re looking for;
  • use a joiner node to add the subtotal in the previous step to the first table.

Have a nice day,


Thank you verry much Lelloba, It works perfectly fine.

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