how to create a table of contents


how do I create a table of contents within a KNIME report that also includes links to the specific sections?

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Let´s suppose you have a label as title for your report.
To include this label in the TOC:
   - select the label
   - go to the "Property Editor" panel below
   - select the "Table of Contents" tab
   - write your item in the table of contents to be associated with the label (use the "fx" button, if necessary)
   - export your document. There should be a side bar on the left with your table of contents.
It did not work for me for Word and PPT. But it worked well for the Web Viewer and PDF.
I have not tried other formats. To view the TOC in the Web Viewer you need to select the "TOC" button in the tool bar.


could you send me the steps for to generate a table of content based on Title? I tried but nothing happen.

I have a Table contains title and Author as columns and I want to create a table of contents from the title.

Thanks, Bests.

Hi Rs,

I tried To get The table of Content in my Report as pdf (doesn't generated) but in web View is work.

But The important thing is as pdf even I try with BIRT the same Issue.