How to create a table

How to create a table with a column whrer each cell of the column contains a table in knime

So you want a table with one column that consists of cells in which again KNIME tables are stored? A table of tables?

My suggestion would be to use a table of json cells. You can convert a table to json cells via Table to json Node and than concatenate them into one table column. Is that an acceptable solution for you?

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My R snippet generating table for each row of input but knime.out is not allowing me to have a table for each row

Ah ok you should have mentioned that you are using R. So your R Snippet creates an entire table from a single KNIME Row? Ok if tables that R creates have an equal structure for each row (same number of columns at least), why not use a “Chunk Loop” with your R Snippet in between. Loop one row at a time and the end node summarizes the tables and creates one big table in the end.
If the tables that the R Snippet creates are of a different format you can still consider converting your R Table into a xml or json format before you re-import it back to KNIME via knime.out.


Number of columns in table is same but number of rows differs (Number of rows =number of words in the input row)

This question has been answered, but I was in the mood and toyed around with R and my new favourite way to get data in and out of R (and KNIME): SQLite

You can do all the stuff you want in R and then put the results into SQLite by either creating new data sets or appending the stuff to existing ones. Gives you a lot of flexibility.

kn_example_r_sqlite_multiple_tables.knwf (39.9 KB)


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