How to create an empty set?

I want to create an empty set of Strings, as a starting point for further processing. (In this case, for generating a power set of some categories - which has to include the empty set)

Sounds like a simple task, right? But I'm actually quite stumped by this. What I've tried so far:

  • Table Creator: can only create simple values and smilies
  • GroupBy, Column Aggregator: When given only missing values, will either produce a missing value, too, or a set containing a missing value.
  • Java Snippet: Has the option to create arrays, but they are always interpreted as lists.
  • Missing Values: Seems only to be able to replace basic types

So... any ideas?

Does "Create Table Structure" followed by "Add Empty Rows" work for you?



Thanks for the tip, Simon!

I tried that, but I can't produce a set that way, either, as both these Nodes only work with primitive types, again. But by now I found that a Table Creator (with a Dummy) followed by a Create Collection Column did the trick. I don't know why that Node would handle missing values differently than all the others, but what the hell, I'm glad it worked.


So... as far as I know, at least some of the places where I looked are extension points. Which means it should be easy to add an option to add empty collections... right?