How to Create dynamic Excel and CSV

Hi All,

Can someone please help on how to create dynamic excel and CSV using KNIME. Basically I need to create a new excel / csv file in each run of the workflow by amending date and time stamp to the excel / csv file name.


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May I draw your attention to flow variables.
They allow you to use such dynamic file named.

@mcknime welcome to the KNIME forum. You could take a look at this example:

Thanks a lot. Could you please share the relevant link as I tried some of the Flow variable, but that could help.

The workflow linked by @mlauber71 demonstrates exactly that behaviour.
The green box “calculates” the filename and transfers it a flow variable using the Table Row to Variable Node Table Row to Variable — NodePit.
This variable is then used as input for the file writer but needs to go through the String to Path Variable node first.
In the configuration of the file writer you need to change the “fixed” filename and mark that field as used with a flow variable. Select the flow variable containing the file name as input.

Maybe you can test that workflow.