How to Create Folders on my drive with variable names

I can’t seem to find how this was already done as it seems there were changes recently in the KNIME software nodes.
Want to create NEW folders on my network that are named from column2 in this example.
I can’t seem to get the creation part to work.

Then next step is to have the binary object to files node place the certain application files into the correct folders. But I can deal with step 2 once I get the folders created.
I assume I would put the Create Folder as a variable input up to the ‘Binary Object to Files’ node?

Folder create.knwf (14.7 KB)

Hi @mr2mike

I created an example workflows that shows three different option to perform your task.

Option 1: Creates the folders in the workflow data area and shows the basic idea.
Option 2: Defines the path with a String Manipulation node and converts it into type path using the String to Path node (Custom URL).
Option 3: Creates flow variables of type path with the folder directories using the Create Files / Folders Variables node

Please let me know in case you have any questions.



I used your Option 2 path. Although I found I had to manipulate it a little.
I’m not fully confident on how KNIME uses to workflow path stuff. Possible to explain it a bit more?
Is it possible to use it in my instance where I am looking to create folders to then place files into which others in my company can access?
Here’s the workflow I used exactly as is.
Create multiple folders.knwf (63.1 KB)

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Hi @mr2mike,

this blog post by a colleague of mine introduces the “new” KNIME File Handling and gives a motivation.

Regarding your question. Yes the new file handling functionality makes it easier to switch between different systems. For your example there are two approaches:

  1. Create the folders locally and move them with Transfer File node
  2. Use the third option of my workflow. Test it locally and then change the base location in the Create Files / Folders Variables nodes to the real location.



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