How to create heatmap?

I have 3 tables, with latitude and longitude of objects.
I want to create a heat map to see the correspondence between the locations/regions of the 3 table data.
How do I need to build my workflow so that I can create a heatmap?

I want the latitude as the x-axis and the longitude as the y-axis.

Hi Faith,

let me try to give you a hint. If you can, try to share some data so that everyone can help you better.

What I would do is the following:

  • Concatenate all three tables (columns: lat, lon, name of table);
  • Use a Shape Manager node to assign a specific shape to rows belonging to the three tables (ex: table 1 → circle, table 2: square, table 3: triangle). You can use a Color Manager node too
  • Use the OSM Map Viewer node (other nodes might be available). Make a connection just like in the example in the link below.

Hope it can help - if you need more help, I can help at 18:00 ECT.



How can you Help me?

Hi Fatih,

are the instructions above enough or do you need more help?


It doesnt work.
I Would be happy if you can Help me

Can you please upload your workflow, so I can better understand what is not working?


I have my points on the map.
But I want to know, where are the corrspondence of the 3 data tables

Have a look at this workflow. Is it working for you?

If yes, mark the post as solved.
If no, please upload a workflow (not an image) so I can better understand what is not working from your workflow. I cannot understand where the error is from the image :slight_smile:


workflow-configuration.json (4 Bytes)
workflow-configuration.json (4 Bytes)

workflow-configuration.json (4 Bytes)
workflow-configuration.json (4 Bytes)

Here is the workflow, I tried with your both solution strategies but it doesnt work

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