How to create KNIME Extension?


I know the process of custom node creation and I can deploy it into jar file. Placing that file in dropins works fine.

But what I want is, I really want to create knime extension. When I click on Help-->Install New Software-->Location of my plugin file. It should load the set of nodes. I need to know how to package a knime extension.



You want to build an eclipse P2 site. There are a variety of ways depending on how you want to build it.



Thanks for your reply!

Is there any documentation available on development of update site for KNIME?

There is nothing special about a KNIME update site. It's a normal Eclipse update site as any other. Therefore the instructions linked by swebb are fully applicable.


Thanks for reply thor! I found this link very helpful

But the problem is when I try to add more nodes to source folder, I get the error while installing it in KNIME. (PFA Figure)

I got the answer for this. This was due to improper versioning of plugin.