How to create report and view the report from viewer mode

I want to create a report and view the report in the browser as an end-user.

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You are looking for a WebPortal feature of KNIME Server. See here for more info:


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This may also be a reference to BIRT functionality… more on that here:

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I have the same question and the documentation did not help me so far.
I have created a workflow with a “Data to Report” node at the end.
In KNIME, I switched to the BIRT report designer and generated a report which I can view as PDF.

I now want to establish the same functionality on the webserver. I want to have two pages. On the first page, the user should specify what data he is interessted in and on the second page I want the user being able to see the BIRT report, either as HTML or PDF.

However, when I pack the “Data to report” node into a component, I just recieve “Finished successfully”. How do I make the report available to the user?

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Is it possible, that BIRT needs first to be installed on the server? On the first link above I also read " Finished successfully", but below the report is shown. For me it´s the same but just without the report. KNIME WebPortal User Guide

I don’t have KNIME Server but I’ve worked with BIRT in the past. Back then, xyzToReport nodes couldn’t be placed inside Components, they had to be in the top layer for BIRT to access the data. It wasn’t pretty to look at. :sweat_smile:

Hi Thyme,

thank you. Putting the node outside the component helped. I created the workflow also with another KNIME version and had resaved it with the version from the server. This prevented that the report was shown properly. Besides putting it outsite the component, I had additionally to re-create the report in BIRT to solve the issue.

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