How to create schema & Databases in SQlite?

Hi @omprashad and welcome to the forum.

If you’re using SQLite, you can just leave the schema field blank and it will work (I just did a quick test myself).


@ScottF Thank You for quick response, but my question is can we create our own schema rather than use default schema.

@omprashad you can use every sql command that SQLite would support. You might want to consult the SQLite documentation about this.


@mlauber71 Thank You, dude i already tried these thing.

  • Create schema test;

Hi @omprashad , there is no notion of schema in SQLITE, at least not in the same way as in MSSQL or Snowflake.

Also, you said “I already tried these thing”, what “thing”? Things from the documentation? I doubt there is a “Create schema” syntax in the documentation, so I’m not sure what you are referring to there.


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