How to create stacked bar chart in knime reporting


I am trying to create a stacked barchart for four product types with revenue per month. I want to have the revenue stacked per month with 4 colours / revenue figures in each bar. I have tried selecting it in the reporting module but i can only get them to appear side by side even though i select stacked chart. How do i go about this?

Help is appreciated

Have you looked at the column selector on the right side of the plot in the "Select Data" tab? Here you should be able to specify your grouping criteria and from there on it should work as expected.  If not, let me know and I will post an example. 





Sorry for the late reply.

I have tried to do something with the right side of the plot but i did not succeed in creating the stacked bar chart i want. In your example i see bar charts but they are not stacked with multiple products. I was able to create it in GGplot I got stuck in the complicated report engine and i could not discover how to get any further.