How to customize Component Configuration view?

Dear colleagues,

Combining workflow inputs by Metanodes or Components is very useful for me.
So I decided to update my older creations from the “Metanode-QuickForm” world to a more modern “Component-Input Nodes” one.
Everything seems to be OK, except the possibility to order or reorder input fields.
My Component Configuration dialog:

I would like to move the field “Master-SN” to the top, but can not find the way to do so.
It seems that configuration controls are fixed forever in the order they are first placed in the Component.

QuickForm configuration had this handy thing “Weight”:

It was easy to reorder things by changing the Weight parameter.
Weight parameter is missing in Input Node config:

and I can not find what to use instead.
Any ideas are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Māris Stegenburgs

Hello @stegmar,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Reordering is currently not possible. See here for workaround:

I will give the related ticket a +1.


Hello @ipazin,

Thank you for your quick response!
The proposed workaround did not work for me.
I copy C_old to C_new and delete all the configuration nodes.
Then when I copy nodes from C_old to C_new they retain the same #-IDs as in C_old.
So order remains the same.

In fact I found a simple workaround which works for me.
1.Do not make new Component copy. OK, maybe for backup.
2.Do not delete anything beforehand.
3.Just Copy-Paste all the configuration nodes in the same Component in desired order.
Then they will get new #-IDs in ascending order.
4.Now delete the old configuration nodes with “wrong” #-IDs.

Thank you for the idea!
Māris Stegenburgs

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Hello @stegmar,

glad to hear you found a way!


Hi there -

In KNIME AP 4.3, we’ve added a feature that allows you to change the order of the configuration nodes. Check out the animation on our What’s New page here:

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Hi @ScottF
This feature works great. Is there any chance it becomes as flexible as the features for views?

Meaning that one can use different types of rows like on the Composite View Layout tab:

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I know we’re thinking about that, but I’m not sure what the timeline is - sorry!

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Can you add +1 on this feature request? :slight_smile:

Yes, let me find it in the system. Thanks for your feedback!

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