Feature request: change order of configuration parameters in component

It would be nice to be able to change the order of appearance of the configuration parameters of a component. Currently, the order is maybe not random but I never managed to get what I would like.
An interface similar to the one to arrange the widget nodes on the Webportal pages would be even better.


Hi @szawadski

Thank your for this. I agree, this is a frequent request to us.
I will give the related ticket a +1.

Best, Iris


Totally forgot! The order is not random, there is a workaround!
The order is by inserting the configuration elements.

So what I do to change the order is:

  • Copy the component => We have now C_Old and C_New
  • Delete all configuration elements in Component C_New
  • Copy the configuration elements from C_Old to C_New in the order you need them. For this I do the two component next to each other in the workbench, as below:

Afterwards the order in C_New is correct. You can also do this with replacements instead of deleting the configurations.


Thanks @Iris,
At each of your answers, I kind of discover new nodes. This is the case with the “Merge variables” node.
Actually, I used to chain the configuration nodes but now, it looks cleaner.

Unfortunately, I do not get the expected result:

From the order of the variables in the component, I should get
Account > Database > Schema > Warehouse > Credentials
and I am getting:
Schema > Credentials > Account > Database > Warehouse
I suppose I did not get something from your explanation? Actually, I do not see the difference between both images you provided.

Can you redo the screenshot of the component inside and show the IDs of the nodes?

This can be enabled in the button bar



Indeed - now I understand the logic :wink:
But this is definitely a workaround and I confirm my feature request.

Thanks @Iris!


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Hi there -

In KNIME AP 4.3, we’ve added a feature that allows you to change the order of the configuration nodes. Check out the animation on our What’s New page here: