How to define path on XPATH

I used de html parser to get the content from a news web site and I need to get content from the article.
In html code de article 
The problem is ....don't know how define de xpath on xpath node. Could you please help me? I have a short deadline for my project and I can't advance without this data.  this is an example of the page that I need to parse (please check de html code)

My problem is extract the content from <div id=article_body itempro=articleBody>

<html class=....>

    <body class...>

         <div class="clearfix"....>

             <div class="column-container clearfix">

                  <div class="column primary"...>

                      <div id="content">

                         <article class="businessweek".....>

                               <div id=article_body" itempro="article_body">






Ok, that query is a bit long, but try:

//dns:html/dns:body/dns:div[@class="clearfix" and @id="container"]/dns:div[@class="column_container clearfix"]/dns:div[@class="column primary"]/dns:div[@id="content"]/dns:article[@class="businessweek"]/dns:div[@id="article_body" and @itemprop="articleBody"]

...and use a string cell as the return type.  Otherwise, use default settings.  Screenshots attached. 

Thanks Aaron,


I'll try it now

Hi, again

It works, you saved my life!!!!

I just need to make some adjustments because disse path is reading some labels with titles of news articles of other pages.


Thanks :)

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