How to delete rows from Data App with 2 refresh button


I’m trying to build a low code app to insert,update or delete rows in a DB table.
For the deletion, I think it is safe to do it in 2 steps, first with a “deletion” button and then with a “do you confirm deletion ?” button.

I don’t understand why, in the workflow below, the row is deleted already by clicking on first button. It looks like the complete workflow is executed, and I don’t know yet how to stop it before second action is done.

Would you have hints ? Thanks in advance.

Hello @jeremy7w ,

My understanding is that the second step of refreshing (confirming) depends on the selection of deleting rows in the first step. So they should be a sequential relationship.

Perhaps you can get inspiration from the second example in this official blog.

Eight Data App Designs with the New Refresh Button | KNIME


Hi tomljh,

Thank you, I was finally able to build the sequence.
But after the user confirmed the deletion, I’d like the complete component to be reinitialized automatically. Is this possible ?

regards. Jeremy

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In fact, I have also encountered the same problem as you.
After being correctly deleted, it actually requires an action to refresh the entire page and retrieve data again.
I conducted the test on the local database of sqlite, and the data is from the sales database in L1-AP.



The problem is, after the operation is completed. The entire page needs to be refreshed to retrieve data again. Users can check the results after deletion.

This example is not implemented. Do we need to create another similar component to complete the final result display?

I am attaching my test examples for reference.
Selection and Confirmation.knwf (484.1 KB)


I believe somehow we have to reinitialize previous variable in the workflow.
As of now, I haven’t found how to do this.

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