How to delete rows without @


I am trying to filter a database with emails. Since this is an email database, some emails were not written correctly, some of them don’t have the @ or “.com”

I would like to delete all the rows that don’t have @ or “.com” in the emails column

I tried to use the row filter but it just gives me the same table

I don’t know if I should use the Rule-based row filter, in case I need to, what expression should I write?


try this workflow: Mail filter – KNIME Hub

I have used wildcards: the * means “any character”.

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I updated the example with rule-based row filter as well (it should work).

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Hi @lelloba , you can also apply Regex in the Row Filter

@NathanDrake , Row Filter or Rule-Based Row Filter works the same. Rule-Based Row Filter has a bit more flexibility in that you can add several lines of rules. In your specific case, it’s not too complicated, so either works.

One thing though, emails are not restricted to “.com”. There are a lot of domain names without “.com”.


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