How to detect if link (ex- or internal) was opened in a lightbox


I am thinking about options how to detect if a link, whenever ex- or internal, is opened in an iframe. Even if the target attribute is set to “_blank”, JavaScript could intercept the default behavior and still open it in an iframe.

I wonder, though, if detecting the inverse, checking if a new tab was opened through whichever method (i.e. length of history), is more feasible. However, the browser history can be altered making it prone to failure.

Anyone got an idea?


Hi Mike,

could you give a concrete scenario or example for this?


Sorry, I currently cannot as I am forced to build up my workstation from scratch. Switching of OSX to Windows and already had multiple BSOD :cold_face: All tied to the hope to speed up my dark data magic on the 16 Core behemoth instead of sacrificing a liver for a decently speced Mac Book Pro (>4k :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:).

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